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Welcome to Indian Yatra.Com

Yatra = a procession or journey

Magical, spiritual, exotic, these are words that come to mind when wondering about India!!! You’ve often dreamed of visiting India with a group, but just haven’t found the perfect tour company or program. With a wealth of 31 years of experience in operating inbound tours, skills in people management, global qualifications acquired over 31 years, and professional quality of services, we believe L’orient Travels based in Mumbai, India is the right choice for you.

L’Orient Travels has been escorting groups for a long time now & understands the needs of discerning travelers. Our clients return back with fantastic memories, quite a few mention we gave them a `trip of a lifetime.’ One our clients Big Murray had this to say –

`Thanks for the great trip. I think it was better than than the last. Hope to do it again.’

Our mission statement conveys it all: We seek to maximize customer satisfaction by offering products and personalized services of the highest order and constantly endeavor to bring joy to your travel.

Escorted journeys across India

Our escorted Indian sojourns provide you safety and security; it’s something you long for when traveling to distant lands. Travel with an experienced tour escort – Hector Dsouza aided by knowledgeable local guides and trustworthy drivers. Your hotels chosen for our fixed departure tours offer the highest standards of protection & well-being.

Each tour forays into a different part of India, many of our itineraries coincide with important local festival, adding flavor & fervor. The places we’ve chose often provide mesmerizing moments that will `reside’ in your memory for years to come. We’ve also included interesting experiences ranging from short morning yoga sessions to discussions with Indologists & historians.

About Our Escort: Hector D’souza has been leading groups for about two decades now, besides being a travel consultant for over three decades. He is also a qualified Hatha Vinayasa Yoga Teacher, a diploma holder in German Language & International Travel Consultant from IATA, Montreal. A prolific writer & photographer, he has over a million words documented on travel & destinations in India. By virtue of living and interacting in three continents over the past two decades, he effortlessly binds with different nationalities & cultures. His passion for travel within India ensures his deep rooted commitment to his motherland.

Come, join the (guided) Royal March to one of the oldest civilizations on Planet Earth.

Ministry of Tourism Govt. of India